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Typical in-home session is 2-3 hours


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“No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

Kate OMaraKate OMara
16:55 23 Apr 22
Marcia came out to our home two days ago and what a transformation! We have three dogs and our youngest wanted to assert himself with some unwanted aggressive behavior to our other male dog. Marcia showed us very effectively how to establish order and let the youngest dog know that we were in charge. Along the way we were able to address excessive barking and rushing at the door whenever someone was coming to the home. I cannot thank her enough for giving us tools to create a harmonious home.
Erikka DzirasaErikka Dzirasa
14:02 17 Apr 22
Marcia is truly amazing!!! She took the time to listen and do exposure training in the moment. We recreated all of my dog’s problem areas - in the home, on a walk in the neighborhood and even at a nearby outdoor restaurant. She gave me the tools to be empowered as a dog owner. She is highly effective in understanding the relationship between the dog and owner. My dog has already received compliments on how well behaved he is - and it hasn’t even been a full 24 hrs since he (or rather I) was trained! Thank you Marcia - our home is already feeling much more peaceful!!
Kimberly SmithKimberly Smith
00:34 25 Mar 22
Marcia is the best!! Definitely a dog whisperer!! She came to my house for 2 hrs. on a Saturday and had our 3 dogs walking the line before she left. She is so pleasant and teaches you how to reinforce the boundaries she has set for them. Worth every penny!!
LaTonya SoLaTonya So
20:30 05 Mar 22
What an incredible experience! Marcia is hands down the best trainer ever! In one visit our 2 French bulldogs now understand that I am in charge! No more running to the door, jumping all over guests, taking food, excessive barking or attacking my vacuum!Whew we are going to live happily ever after in peace!!!! We hired 3 other trainers that could not help us reach this type of relationship with our dogs. Our Vet recommended Marcia and we are so happy she Did. Thanks again Marcia!
Pamela BrakerPamela Braker
20:14 21 Feb 22
Marcia’s training and guidance more than we could have imagined. In 2 hours she was able to identify the issues, show us how to modify our dogs behavior and give us ways to reinforce the good behavior we should expect. Marcia was sweet with our 2 dogs, very professional, and easy to learn from. Highly recommend her services.